Welcome to Abba Father What About The Children Inc. (WATCH)

WATCH is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in the State of Maryland

since 2004 .

We are compelled to implement programs and activities to help increase

awareness of the harm done by maternal alcohol use and drug use during

pregnancy and to help reduce the incidence of prenatal drug and alcohol

exposure by educating people about it.

WATCH (What About the Children)


Some Decision will Last a Lifetime this reality has inspired us to take the

initiative to implement an educational program called 

Baby Think  It Over Program. The heart of the program is a parenting

simulation with a realistic computerized infant simulator. It allows young

adults to explore the physical, emotional, social, and financial

consequences of teen parenthood.  Look below some consequences

will lead to abortion due to Unplanned Pregnancy.

                                           Dad and Mom Do I have a say

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Some decisions will last a lifetime
Teen pregnancy prevention and awareness program




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